How to make Christmas angels (using paper)

Today I am going to tell you about one person who cannot live without Christmas. That reminds me of Santa Claus, but we need him to complete Christmas. That is the Christmas angel.

I was right. So, I’m going to help you make a lot of angels and make this Christmas beautiful. Today I am making angels that can be created very easily and quickly. Make this angel with your little ones, and they will learn easily.

I make this angel so that Angel can hang it. So, you can even make a topper to put on a table without hanging this angel.

Let’s see what we need to do to make this Christmas angel.


How to make Christmas angels

What you need:

First, we need color paper. I have taken three colors. (Red, white, light yellow) You can use any color you like.

And we need something that can draw a circle. (r =10 cm) A circle of the same size as shown in the figure below is required. If you want a big angel, you need a big circle.

Another pair of scissors, a pencil, and gum

These are the things we need to make the Christmas angel.

Way of the making

Are you ready to create a Christmas angel?

Step 01

First, we need to cut a circle of the required size. I have put a photo of the circle I cut out for you to see. (r=10cm)

Draw a circle and cut it to the size you want. I cut the circle out of yellow paper.

Step 02

Fold the cut circle in half. A paper should fold in the middle.

Unfold the folded circle and cut in the middle. (Two parts) One part of the circle is all we need to make one angel.


Roll out half of the circle we took and shape it into a horn.

Glue the two sides together evenly. Horn should point to one side like a triangle. But do not crush. The circle should have.

Step 04

Next, I cut the two angel wings out of white paper.

Cut a piece of paper so that you can cut the two wings together to fit the size of your angel.

Step 05

Fold the piece of paper in half. Then draw two beautiful wings. I don’t draw the two wings so beautifully; you can draw them too.

Cut off the two wings you draw.

Step 06

Then you should cut off the angel’s head with white paper.

Pull the head with a small neck. I have put a photo of how to draw for you to see.

Cut off the head part as well.

Step 07

Cut a strip from the red paper we took. Fold the strip from side to side and make the following pattern.

Step 08

Wrap the folded red strip around the horn-shaped part we made earlier. I didn’t stick around. I only stuck to the front aspect.

We need to glue the strip to the bottom of the horn.

Step 09

Then glue the head of the angel we cut off. Head over heels to the top of the horn. Stick the red stripe on the other side, not the side.

Glue a bow to the angel’s neck with a small piece of red tape. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

Step 10

Then cut a little longer strip of red. We need to make the angel hang.

You can also use a thread for this. Paste the string or strip of paper you took so that you can hang it behind the angel’s head

Step 11

Then glue the two wings we cut off behind the angel’s head above the one we made to hang. Stick in the middle of the body part and the head part.


Here we are, making the angel for this Christmas. You made it beautiful too; this time around Christmas, you can make your home attractive with beautiful angels. So, make a lot of colorful angels for this Christmas.

Ask yourself any questions you may have about creating an angel. I’ll let you know.

How to make Christmas angels

If you have something unclear, don’t forget to watch the video below. Thank you.

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