How to make quilling hearts (Easy)

Heart designs are a shape we all love to create and want to know the different ways to make. Here’s how to make a heart out of paper quilting easily. There are several ways to make a heart out of paper quilling designs, and this article covers one of them. I hope to present more quilling heart shapes in my future articles.

Let’s look at what it takes to create my first quilling heart.


What you need:

All you need to make this quilling heart is a quilling board, a quilling pen, two strips of paper in any color you like, and a bit of glue.

Let’s see how to make Paper Heart after preparing all the materials mentioned above

How to make quilling hearts

Way of the making

Step 01: Rolling Quilling Strips.

First, you need to roll out the two paper strips with the help of a quilling pen. You all know how to roll paper strips with a quilling pen. If you do not know how to roll a paper strip, you can check it out in my first quilling article. (How to make a small paper quilling flower?)

Place the two rolled paper strips on the quilling board, as I have shown in the picture below.

How to make quilling hearts

Step 02: Giving shape to rolled paper strips.

Take the two circles of paper strips that we have rolled out and glue them to the same size as they are spread out on the quilling board.

Hold the two round paper quilting circles on one side using two fingers. Tighten on one side only. Tighten by hand to form a teardrop-shaped shape. Make both paper circles in the same condition.

How to make quilling hearts

Step 03: Let’s finish making Quilling Heart.

Now we need to glue the two parts of the teardrop shape together. Place the two pieces on top of the large side of the teardrop and apply glue in the middle.

The little quilling heart you just finished creating. Below are a few quilling hearts of different colors I made.

How to make quilling hearts
How to make quilling hearts


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