How to make craft with toilet paper roll (toilet roll rabbit)

Toilet paper rolls have a special place in papercrafts. Toilet paper rolls are now available in a variety of designs. So that’s why I thought of making a design using toilet paper rolls.

This article will teach you how to make a toilet roll rabbit. But you can also use this toilet roll rabbit design in the form of a pencil holder. This toilet roll craft is my first toilet roll design. I hope to introduce you to many more handicrafts made using new toilet rolls in the future.

Let us now see what materials we need to create a toilet roll rabbit.


What you need:

We need a toilet roll and colored paper. (I have used white and orange paper for this.)

I have my rabbit cut off two arms and two legs in orange. In addition, two small orange ears have been cut off.

I also cut two large ears in white. I have taken the two small orange ears pasted in the middle of the white ears.

Cut a circle for the white rabbit’s face.

Cut two small white circles in the middle and paste two small black circles for the rabbit’s eyes.

In addition, we need glue, a colored pencil, and a pre-made paper bow. (I have taught you how to make some paper bows in my previous article)

How to make craft with toilet paper roll
How to make craft with toilet paper roll

As I mentioned above, once everything is ready, let’s see how to make a rabbit.

Way of the making

Step 01: Cover the toilet roll.

First, we need to wrap a piece of white paper around the toilet roll. I used white paper to add something new to our design.

Paste in the order as shown in the picture below.

How to make craft with toilet paper roll

Step 02: Making a rabbit face.

Glue the original rabbit ears to the cut white circle. Then glue the rabbit’s eyes to the rabbit’s face.

Finally, draw the rabbit’s nose and mouth with a colored pen.

How to make craft with toilet paper roll

Step 03: Sticking to parts of the rabbit’s body.

Now we’ve finished making the rabbit’s face and body separately. Glue the body part to the rabbit’s face.

Then stick the rabbit’s hands on both sides.

Finally, glue the rabbit’s legs together from bottom to top.

The figures indicate the order in which the paste is required.

How to make craft with toilet paper roll
How to make craft with toilet paper roll

Step 04: Finishing the toilet roll rabbit.

We have now finished making our rabbit. And I add a small paper bow to my rabbit’s neck to make the puppy a little nicer.

Try adding a beautiful rabbit bow.

We’ve finished making our toilet roll rabbit from here.

How to make craft with toilet paper roll


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