How to make an angel craft ? (in Five minute)

I made this angel for my daughter’s Sunday school activities. The daughter liked it too. I’m really happy. So that’s why I wanted to share this with you.

Would you like to try it on?


How to make an angel craft for Sunday school

What you need:

  • Two A4s in two colors
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • A small piece of cardboard
  • Something suitable for drawing a small circle
How to make an angel craft ? (in Five minute)

Let’s see how we make it now

Step 01: Cut the paper to create the angel’s body.

We will now first cut a single color A4 into sections as shown. We have now cut the parts into body parts and wings.

How to make an angel craft ? (in Five minute)

Step 02: Cut out the parts needed to beautify the body parts of the angel.

Next, we need to cut strips of the other color on those parts and glue them together as a border. As shown in the figure.

How to make an angel craft ? (in Five minute)

How to make an angel craft ? (in Five minute)

Step 03: Fold in the body parts of the cut angel.

Fold the cut and beautifully glued angel body parts into a paper fan.
Fold both sides evenly.
Fold the angel’s two wings and body parts together.

How to make an angel craft ? (in Five minute)
How to make an angel craft ? (in Five minute)

Step 04: The creation of the head of the angel.

Then draw a small circle on the piece of cardboard and add a neck-like part to it. Then cut it out and stick a strip of the same color as the previous one on the top and, set it aside.

Step 05: Creation of angel wings.

Now we need to take the folded part of the wings and fold it in half in the middle and glue it together. Both parts should be made that way.

How to make an angel craft ? (in Five minute)

Step 06: Assemble all the parts and glue the angel in order.

Then the parts taken on the body part should also be glued.

How to make an angel craft ? (in Five minute)

Now let us glue those parts together.

  • First, attach the wings to the body part.
  • Next, attach the head to the body.
  • Finally, we attach a small bow to the angel’s neck. Now we have finished making the angel. Try it yourself

How to make an angel craft ? (in Five minute)
How to make an angel craft: Explain to your child the importance of the angel

If you find it different to understand something I said, WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW.

Angels are a fascinating creation created by God. Because of God’s great love for His children, He created His children to protect us and to send messages directly from heaven. Angels praise God. These spiritual beings, who are a great resource to the Lord, are often used by Him.

However, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about angels, what they do, what they look like, their purpose on earth, so, it can quickly become confusing. With so much, it can be difficult to understand what is true, and what is not. God blesses us with the Bible, and we are fortunate to speak directly to His angels. Some things you think you understand about angels may be untrue.

The angels that God has sent down to us are parting of a wonderful creature. They are the protectors who send us messages from heaven as well as protect us. No matter how many myths exist about them, the Bible speaks directly to angels.

There is no doubt that many of us will place an angel image on a Christmas tree this coming Christmas season. But we all know that the angels we meet in the Bible are not like this and that our media does not show them in a way that we can trust.

I hope you have learned something about the angels who amazed you.

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