How to make an owl with paper (Quilling owl)

I hope you all are well. My new creation is what I brought to you today. My new design is a paper quilling design. Let me show you how to make a Quilling Owl I made quickly. I’ve come up with an idea for those of you who love paper quilting creations which continue to work with me.

I hope this easy-to-make paper owl will be helpful for your designs.

I think little kids will love this quill owl too.

Then we will learn how to make these quilling owls and what they need.


How to make an owl with paper

What you need

First, let’s look at the materials needed to create this quilling owl.

All we need for this are a few things that are easily found and often found in anyone’s home.

We need paper quilting strips to create an owl. Quilling Strips are the primary material we need. You can make this owl out of colored paper strips of your choice. I have taken paper strips in several colors for my design. I used four colors to create my owl. Below is a picture of one of the strips I took.

In addition, we need a bottle of gum, scissors, a quilling pen, and a quilling board.

How to make an owl with paper

Way of the making

Step 01: Making the body part of an owl.

We need to get most of the paper strips in one color. I use eight strips of paper to make the owl’s body. All eight strips need to be glued together. Then roll out the long strip of paper with a paper quilling pen. Loosen and roll the rolled strip on the cooling board to the size of the circle I have shown below.

How to make an owl with paper
How to make an owl with paper

Step 02: Making all of her remaining parts of the owl.

Step 2:1: Making owl eyes.

Next, let’s make the owl’s eyes. I have used two strips of black and other colored stripes for that. Be sure to use black to create owl eyes too. Choose a different eye color to match your owl’s body with black.

Now glue the two strips of the two colors we took together. Roll out the same long strip as before with the quill pen to make owl eyes. 

See the pictures I put below.

How to make an owl with paper
How to make an owl with paper

Step 2:2: Making the owl’s beak and legs.

I used strips of the same color to make the owl’s beak and legs. I also used the same color for the owl’s eyes (including black).

Roll and glue the three pieces of strips as before. One-third of the parts should be slightly smaller. Hold the small circle (for the mouth) on one side and tighten it by hand to make a spike shape.

Make as shown in the diagrams below.

How to make an owl with paper
How to make an owl with paper

Step 2: 3: Making the owl’s wings and ears.

We are ready to make the last few pieces we need to make the owl. That’s the owl’s wings and ears. To make the wings first:

  1. Take two strips of the same color used to make the legs.
  2. Roll and glue the two strips as before.
  3. Hold the two-round sections on one side only, tighten them lengthwise and make a curved shape.
  4. Tighten the two parts by hand so that they are curved.

That is the two wings of an owl.

Next, we make two of his ears.

For that, I use her color. You can also change it as appropriate. I made the ears using different colors of the owls I made.

We need to roll out the two strips used for the ears and glue them in a round shape. Then use both hands to tighten both sides to get a zigzag shape the way I made it.

I have clearly outlined in the diagrams below. Look at those pictures and get ideas.

How to make an owl with paper

Step 03: Let’s put all the pieces together and make a paper quilling owl.

We are now going to finish making our paper quilling owl.

First, take the paper circle we made for the body.

Then we have to glue the two owl ears we made to that part. Put the two ears together and glue them together as shown.

Then glue the owl’s eyes together. Then stick the beak.

Then stick both legs under the mouth. Finally, we have to glue the two wings. Stick the owl’s wing sideways between the legs and the eyes.

I finally put up a picture of the owl stuck to it. Paste your owl in that order.

Now I think you can make an owl of beautiful colors on your own.

How to make an owl with paper
How to make an owl with paper

If you have something unclear, don’t forget to watch the video below. Thank you.

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