How to make Christmas flowers (easy)

I brought you my article on how to make a Christmas flower that I created today. You can make this Christmas flower very easily and quickly.

These days, as we get ready for Christmas, we love things that can be done quickly and easily. We have a lot of work to do at Christmas, so we would love to do home decorating in a short amount of time. So I think this flower I created will also be helpful to save your time.

You can make this Christmas flower hanging in any way you like.

So now, let’s start making paper Christmas flowers.

Now let’s see what we need to make a Christmas flower.


What You Need:

I create the flower in red. So I cut 8 pieces of red paper 10 cm long and 5 cm wide.

In addition, a piece of green pepper requires scissors and glue to create our Christmas flower.

Everything you need to make a Christmas flower is now ready. Let’s see how to make a Christmas flower now.

Way Of the Making

Step 1: Let’s cut out the pieces of paper correctly to make the flower.

To make a Christmas flower, cut eight pieces of red paper 10 cm in height and 5 cm wide.

Fold the cut paper into eight or two pieces. Then cut off the excess pieces to keep the ends of the parts of the paper round. (Shown in the image)

Step 02: Creating Christmas Flower petals.

Now let’s see how to create Christmas flower petals.

First, take a piece of red paper that we cut and fold in half along the long side.

Next, fold the two sides in such a way as to form a paper oven.

Fold the folded paper in the middle.

Assemble the two folded parts and glue them together. Make the eight flower petals that way.

Step 03: Creating the middle part of the flower.

We create the middle part of the flower from the green paper part.

First, cut out two small circles.

Then cut a slightly longer strip of paper. Fold the cut paper strip in half along the long side.

Then cut the folded part into small strips, not on the bending side. Do not cut separately. Cut into wrinkles.

Then roll the cut ribbon and make a circle.

Then paste the made piece into a circle of green paper that we first cut.

Now the middle part of the flower is done.

Step 04: Creating a Christmas flower.

Now we are going to put all the flower parts together and make a Christmas flower.

First, add the flower petals and arrange the flowers neatly. Take a look at the images I have below and paste your flower.

Next, glue the center of the flower to the center of the flower. Paste the other green circle in the middle of the other side of the flower.

Here we are, making a beautiful Christmas flower.

How to make Christmas flowers

If you have something unclear, don’t forget to watch the video below. Thank you.

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