How to make a paper purse (money bag)

Paper craft is my hobby. Like me, you like to create something new in your free time. So that’s why I’m going to tell you another unique design today.

Today I am going to teach you how to create a money purse out of paper. How to make a purse is a common problem for both mothers and children. So, to help them all, I will show you how to make this paper money bag.

So, add your little one to this and start making the purse. Then it was easy for little ones to make a purse for school activities. So, let’s start making a money purse.

How to make a paper purse

First, let’s see what we need to make this purse.

What you need:

We need colored paper. I have taken the piece in two colors. (Red and pink) You can pick any color paper you like.

Need more scissors and glue

An ornament to make our purse beautiful. I’ve got a paper quilling butterfly of my design.

I have taught you how to make a quilling butterfly in my previous article. You can also make a quilling butterfly if you want.

How to make a paper purse

Way of the making

The things we need to make a pepper purse are now ready. Let’s see how to create this purse.

Step 01

First, I fold the pink paper I took.

The paper is folded on the long side. Then we can cut to the size we want.

How to make a paper purse

Step 02

Then fold the paper into three sections. Fold into three equal parts.

How to make a paper purse
How to make a paper purse

Step 03

Cut four pieces out of the folded paper.

Cut only four parts. Keep the rest of the paper separate.

How to make a paper purse

Step 04

Fold a strip on one side of the four long sides of the cut.

Fold a strip on all four sides.

How to make a paper purse

Step 05

Then glue the two folded sides together.

Glue the two parts of the four together. Paste like a box. It becomes apparent when you see the photo.

How to make a paper purse

Step 06

Next, cut out as much of the red paper as possible to cover the gap in the box that is the same height as the box we made.

Since we have to cover four sides, we need to cut the paper to fit all four sides.

Instead of cutting exactly the gap, you need to cut a little more. Or because this paper cannot paste it.

Fold the cut into four pieces and cut into four long sections.

How to make a paper purse
How to make a paper purse
How to make a paper purse
How to make a paper purse

Step 07

Fold a strip on either side of the four lengths of the cut. Fold inwards from both sides.

How to make a paper purse

Step 08

Glue the four folded pieces together on both sides of the two boxes we made. After pasting the red parts, one side of the two box-like parts should be left open.

Those are the two pockets in our purse. We’re done with the two pockets.

How to make a paper purse
How to make a paper purse

Step 09

Glue the two pocket pieces together on both sides. Next, we have to create the cover of the purse.

Before that, paste the ornament you took into your wallet anywhere you like. So, I stuck my butterfly in the middle.

How to make a paper purse
How to make a paper purse

Step 10

Next, we need to cut a part of the same size (pink) to the size of the purse we made.

That part needs to be folded into three parts. Fold the first part a little less than the second part of the average size.

Now we see that part in three parts, and there are bends.

How to make a paper purse

Step 11

We folded two-thirds of the folded parts into small pieces.

Cut small strips out of the red paper we have.

Then wrap the red tape around the two folded pieces like a border.

All you have to do is glue the red stripes around the two new parts.

How to make a paper purse
How to make a paper purse

Step 12

Next, stick the non-red stripe on the inside of the wallet on the inside. The wallet should be folded so that it can be opened and closed.

How to make a paper purse

Step 13

We’re pretty much done with the purse now. But I would like my wallet to have a handle. So, for one, I’m going to stick two straps so I can hang the purse in my hand.

You can design and finish the purse the way you have it now.

If you put a strap on your purse, cut a long red strap. Instead of just putting on a belt, I like to put on a nice little belt. So, I add a little pink stripe to it.

Cut a long strip of red paper and a few strips of pink paper.

How to make a paper purse

Step 14

Stick the cut pink strips neatly on the red tape. I glued the pink strips across the red stripe.

Then attach the red ribbon to the purse on both sides.

How to make a paper purse
How to make a paper purse


Now I’ve finished making the paper purse. If you started making with me, you would have finished making your purse by now. How beautiful is the money paper purse?

Stay tuned with me to learn how to make a lot of new paper designs.

Have a nice day, everyone. I’ll be back soon to tell you another new design.

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