Animal Crafts

Animal crafts are paper-based activities for children.
This article contains a collection of Animal Crafts. These paper animal models will be beneficial for your children’s school activities.


How to make a honey bee paper craft (in five minutes)

How to make paper craft butterfly (Step by step)

How to make paper quilling butterfly (step by step)

How to make a fish easy (using paper)

How to make an owl with paper (quilling owl)


Meet Shehani from the tropical isles of Sri Lanka—your new papercraft muse! Ever since I could remember, my fingers danced to the rhythm of DIY magic. For me, crafting each piece isn't just an art—it's a meditative journey. Inspired to spread this joy, I birthed my blog and YouTube channel. Dive into this world with me, and let's craft some wonders together!

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