Flower Crafts

Flower crafts are paper-based activities. This article will give you a collection of beautiful paper flowers made of different colors and designs using paper.
Decorate your home with a variety of paper flowers. Paper flowers are also an indispensable decoration for festive occasions. Start making paper flowers yourself now.

How to make paper rose easy (in five minute)

How to make a small paper quilling flower (easy craft)

How to make flower using paper quilling (simple)

How to make quilling Christmas ornaments (easy flower)

How to make Christmas flowers (easy)


Hello, I’m Shehani, a papercraft lover from Sri Lanka. Even from my childhood, I had a passion for creating DIY-type decorations. Creating a new papercraft is like a mindfulness exercise for me. After a period, I thought why not share my works with other. Well, that’s how my blog and YouTube channel started. Join with me to build some awesome crafts.

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